Finally! A proven, ‘no-hype’ method for making honest pips...

Veteran Trader Reveals How He Finally Started Making Consistent Profits In Forex… After Discovering A Little-Known “Insider Secret” At His Local Golf Course… And He Shows You Exactly How He Did It!

From: Alan Burton

Tuesday, August 25. - My Multi-Screen Trading Desk

Dear Friend,

I’ve got something shocking waiting here for you ...and I hope you can take it.
It’s about Forex trading – REAL Forex trading.

Because most traders haven’t a clue. They think that all they need to make money in Forex is just copy someone else’s trades ...someone else’s “system” ...or even let a rogue “robot” run riot with their dollars!

So instead of wishful thinking...

Let’s talk about what actually works in Forex – switch off your cellphone ...close the curtains ...lock the door ...and listen very carefully to every word I’m about to say.

Before I go on...

If at any point you think I’m “blowing smoke”, feeding you “hype” or telling you anything that isn’t the red-raw, no-holds-barred, down-and-dirty truth about what it takes to make REAL money in Forex – then click away from this page immediately. I’m serious.

You’re future success in Forex depends on what you choose to do in the next 10 minutes...

My name is Alan Burton and here is why I am writing to you...

I like to play a little golf from time to time – but I’m no Tiger Woods!

In any case, I learned something from golf that turned me from a fumbling Forex loser into...

A Consistent And Confident Trader

But get this...

It wasn’t even anything to do with actually playing golf. No. I simply observed something incredible that every golfer was doing.

Over and over I would see a golfer tee-off with their best club and fire the ball down the fairway... he then might get stuck-in-the-rough and have to use a ‘6’ or ‘7’ iron to get his ball out of there and onto the putting green... finally with one soft tap of his ‘putter’ the ball would be in the hole!

Here’s the kicker...

Not once did I ever see someone tee-off with his club ...then try to get the ball out of a sand-trap with the same club... and then go on to finally putt the ball in the hole with yet again the same club just never happened!

This Was My ‘A-ha’ Moment...

Most traders try to solve their problem of not making consistent profits by looking for that ‘one magic system’.

Think about it...

This is like the golfer looking for one ‘magic club’ that he can use to take every shot on the course – it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Good. I’m glad you agree!

Truth be told – I’ve found that swinging golf clubs isn’t too different to taking trades.

I’d Finally Figured It Out...

My days of searching for one ‘magic system’ for trading Forex were over.

I knew I needed a range of trading ‘tools’ that I could use for each market situation – just like the golfer has different ‘clubs’ for different scenarios!

I started ripping through all the Forex books, ebooks, courses and systems that I’d collected over the years – and boy did I have a ton of stuff to go through!

I’d already read all this stuff before, but...

This Time Was Different...

wasn’t searching for the “Holy Grail” any more.

I was simply picking what worked and rejecting the rest.

I slowly built a master toolbox of simple-but-powerful trading methods that I would have ready to unleash on the market whenever I needed them.

I know, I’m probably starting to sound a little ‘hyped-up’ here ...I’m sorry, but even now I still get excited about what I discovered back then.

Here’s what this is all about...

I went through hell before I finally figured out what it really took to make consistent Forex profits.

There is simply no need for you to go through the same kind of hell I went through!

I know that you’re not totally new to Forex (since you’re reading this page). So I won’t disrespect you by saying that you have not gone through some type of trading hell already – you probably have, but...

Everything Changes For You ...Today!

This is the last day you will ever have to go through any sort of trading hell...

  • No more painful losses from trades that seemed so “perfect” – but turned around and kicked you in the face!
  • No more frustration at not understanding what the market just did – as it went screaming off for 100+ pips without you!
  • No more buying the latest “Holy Grail” trading system – only to get that sinking, sickening feeling of disappointment as it fails you again!

I’m going to offer you something to Kickstart your Forex trading today.

I just can’t stand to see others struggle any more – it frustrates the hell out of me!

So here’s what I’ve done...

I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together my best trading methods that I consistently use in my trading.

In fact, I tell a lie – these are not just the "best" ...these are the best of the best ...the cream-of-the-cream ...the absolute top-level, pip-pulling methods that I have!


I’m not promising you ‘instant riches’ – if you want that kind of garbage, then I’m really not the guy for you.

I’m giving you the unique opportunity to finally stop your Forex frustration and start making genuine, honest pips.

I’m going to give you exclusive access to not just 2 or 3 of my methods ...not even 5 ...but 9 of my personal rock-solid, tried-and-tested Forex methods to slingshot your success starting today!

Let me show you exactly how this works:

I’ve broken-down each and every one of my methods into short, simple and easy-to-understand steps.
I provide you with complete screenshots of each and every one of the methods in action...

But don’t just take my word for it...

Some of the initial feedback I have received from traders who have tried my Forex Kickstart methods has been incredibleand the emails speak for themselves...

“Hi Alan... my favourite method is the ‘50% Daily’ as I have a full-time job and do not have much time to trade... it is working really well for me so far... i can’t wait to try some of the others when I have the time!!"

- Paul R

“Alan, you’re the man! I’m glad I took the plunge and gave your kickstart methods a chance. I was impressed right away with them and can see that you really deliver what you say you will. thank you."

- James T

"...I have found two methods so far that are working really well and am sticking to those..."

- Abraham

“...thank you alan for giving me hope that I will become a professional day trader. I’m not there yet – but I am doing better..."

- Dave S.

"...I’ve bought tons of junk in the past. But this is probably the first Forex product I’ve bought that makes me feel I can actually become profitable – I’m glad I gave your methods a chance! Thanks Alan"

- Anna

My methods do not use any “secret” indicators or software – so there is no need for you to change your current broker or charting platform!

I don’t just tell you exactly where to get in and how to manage each trade – I tell you exactly when to take your profits too!

You’re getting a complete, ready-to-roll solution to your Forex trading.

But there’s more...

If you use Metatrader4™ – then you’re going to love this ...I’m going to give you my very own personal Metatrader4™ templates that I use for my methods.

Quite simply... you’re going to get all nine of my templates so that you can literally be trading my exact methods – with just one click!

You should now understand exactly what it takes for you to go from your current losing trader ways ...and finally start making steady pips.

I don’t want to repeat myself like a broken record ...trying to “convince” you – I’ve simply told you the facts about Forex trading.

So let me summarise and review – you’re getting...

  • My 9 personal trading methods – you will be prepared and ready to trade any market situation from now on!
  • Instant download – you can order online, get instant access and be trading my methods within minutes!
  • Step-by-step guidance on every method – nothing to figure out as I explain everything in a short, simple and easy-to-understand way!
  • Trade any timeframe and any currency pair – my methods allow you to trade exactly how you want to trade!

Make no mistake...

This is not a bag of ‘magic tricks’ for you to try and cheat the market into handing you some “easy money” – no.

What I’m offering you is the chance to get access to a set of trading methods that actually work.

I’m sick and tired of all the “robots”, “systems” and other junk that I see all the time. I’m pretty damn sure you’re sick of it too, right? Good – at least we’re on the same page here!

There’s just one more thing...

I’m not some young internet “whiz kid” out to make a quick buck.

I’m simply a Forex trader who’s gone through hell and been shot out the other side! I’ve managed to attain a decent amount of success and I want to help you do the same – but without all the crap that I had to go through!

I’m not going to just give my methods away – because I don’t want them copied and distributed around the internet. I need to be able to control who gets access to my Forex Kickstart methods.

Which is why I am making this...

Strictly Limited!

I’m as serious as a heart attack!

I’m going to keep this page up for a little while so that a handful of deserving traders like you can access my methods.

Consider carefully before thinking about clicking away from this page most likely will be gone by the time you come back.

With that said, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you...

How does $27-per-method sound? I’m barely covering the cost of putting up this website for that ...hell, I’ve seen people charge over $100 for a single method!

Screw it...

I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to access my entire package of personal Forex methods.

So I’m going to slash the price to the better-than-half-price figure of $13-per-method. You’re going to get all 9 of my personal, tried-and-tested methods for just $117!!

UPDATE: As a special offer today - Tuesday, August 25. - I’m going to practically give away my entire Forex Kickstart package of 9 methods before pulling it off the market.

But you can still get instant access today for just $47!!

I know... I’m probably starting to sound like one of those “over-hyped” internet marketers – but I can’t help it...

I feel like it’s my duty to help YOU start making money in Forex after the disappointments I know you’ve been through so far (I’ve been through them too!).

If you’re still a little unsure of grabbing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then...

I’m Going To Make It Easy For You...

I’m going to give my 9 complete Forex Kickstart methods to you risk FREE!

Yep, you heard me...

I’m going to give you instant access to my methods + templates. If you’re not absolutely blown-away, and having the success you know you deserve ...just email me at any time within the next 60 days and I will refund you in full! No questions asked!

I’m not going to make a big deal about giving you an entire two months to decide if Forex Kickstart is for you – but it’s there should you need it!

My strong hunch is...

You’re 80% convinced that what I’ve told you is true – but you just can’t bring yourself to buy another Forex “product”, right?

I’m going to be honest here – YOU are currently in the group of people known as Forex “losers” ...and it’s not a nice place to be, right?

This is your chance to start taking Forex seriously, finally make real progress and get rock-solid confidence in your trading.

I’m on your side here – I’m just giving you the little “push” you need to make the right decision and click the order button below.

I’ve done what I can – it’s now up to you.

I’ll see you on the other side...

Yes Alan! I Want To Start Making Pips With Your Proven Forex Methods...

I am fully aware that your 9 methods are probably the simplest, easy-to-understand and profitable way of trading I will ever get access to – and that I can be trading them just minutes from now!

I understand that Forex Kickstart comes complete with a 100% RISK-FREE, Absolutely-No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I also understand that you will be pulling Forex Kickstart off the market soon and this is the only chance I will ever have to grab it for the Alan-has-lost-his-mind price of just

You require Adobe Acrobat Reader, or similar sofware/device for reading PDF files, to view Forex Kickstart. You require Metatrader4 (available free) )to use the Template files provided. You will be required to submit your name and email to access the download - this is so I can provide you with updates and support.

I wish you the greatest trading success,

Alan Burton

P.S. – Remember... Forex Kickstart has been tried, tested and proven by traders just like you!

P.P.S. – You’re going to be getting Forex Kickstart absolutely 100% RISK-FREE with my 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!

P.P.P.S. – One last thing... Only RIGHT NOW will you be getting instant access to Forex Kickstart for the one-time-only price of just $47!!

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